The postpartum period is such an important and sensitive time for a new mother. She is recovering from delivering her precious baby, trying to find time to care for herself daily and most importantly nourishing and caring for her little one. Some women have an easy recovery and won’t have any physical complaints afterwards, however other women have a much harder time with recovery and need some assistance, which is why I’m here!

Why Might You Need a Postpartum Rehab and Recovery Specialist?

Dr. Kara strongly believes that most women recover faster and better when they take the recommended 6-8 weeks (or until bleeding stops) after delivering to allow their body to heal. Every women and body is very different, some women stay very active throughout their pregnancy and thus may recover with little to no complaints. While other women, may have had a harder pregnancy dealing with pain or complications and find that their body needs some extra care afterwards.

What Kind of Conditions Can a Postpartum Chiropractor Help With?

A postpartum chiropractor will focus on reducing pain, restoring normal function and helping you reach your health goals. Some women have a goal of just getting out of pain while others have a goal of returning to crossfit without any leakage. Dr. Kara will work with you to meet your needs. A few of the more common postpartum conditions that Dr. Kara treats are pelvic floor pain/discomfort, urinary incontinence (leakage), diastasis recti, headaches/migraines, hand swelling/pain, and many more.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

In your first appointment, Dr. Kara will do a thorough examination and address your concerns. Treatments will consist of a combination of chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue (muscle) therapy, exercises, cupping, and nutrition counselling.

When Can I Start Exercising Again After Having a Baby?

Exercise programs should be resumed gradually after giving birth or when medically safe. Exercise programs should vary depending on whether you had a vaginal or cesarean birth, a complicated or uncomplicated birth and the presence or absence of any surgical or medical complications. You should consult your health care provider if you are unsure of whether it is safe to resume or start an exercise program. Dr. Kara is experienced with introducing new exercise and rehab programs at a variety of points during the postpartum period. You can start general rehab and prevention of diastasis recti within a few days of giving birth. Visit our contact page to schedule a free consult with Dr. Kara to discuss your postpartum health goals.


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