Webster Certified

Dr. Kara is certified in the Webster Technique which allows her to properly care for pregnant women. She is dedicated to providing her patients with the highest quality of care which is why she offers a variety of evidence-based chiropractic techniques. The Webster Technique is utilized for those that are experiencing common muscle and joint dysfunction or nerve pain during pregnancy.

What is the Webster Chiropractic Technique? 

The Webster Technique is a specialized technique unique to chiropractors. The Webster assessment includes observing how the pelvis functions by assessing the joints that make up the pelvis and the muscles attaching to the pelvis. This technique allows chiropractors to reduce muscle tension and increase pelvic mobility which often provides pain relief for the patient.

Who is the Webster Chiropractic Technique for? 

The Webster Technique is specifically designed for pregnant women experiencing a variety of health concerns. These concerns include muscle or joint pain (low back, hip and pelvic pain), sciatica, round ligament pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction in addition to many other symptoms women experience during their pregnancies. Dr. Kara’s goal is to reduce pain, restore pelvic function and increase mobility for soon to be moms.

Is the Webster Technique and Chiropractic safe during pregnancy?

Chiropractic care is a safe, effective, and drug-free way to manage musculoskeletal symptoms during pregnancy. Although contraindications to receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy are very rare, Dr. Kara is well trained to screen for any significant health concerns. In addition to a thorough examination, Dr. Kara uses pregnancy pillows during her treatment to accommodate the growing baby. She also offers a variety of techniques to ensure that her patient’s are comfortable.

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